From: Mr G. ("Mr G.")
To: ( "yong"), snail  ("snail" ), ( "Melanie AI"), ("KirstenW" ), ( "Jenneli AI"), ("Janet AI" ), ( "Elizabeth McCleary"), ("Ryan AI" )
Subject: AI November meeting
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:11:42 -0800

We are on the schedule at the Pyle Center to meet on the 27th. Apparently
the attempt to make it on the 20th didn't work.

I'm intending to show a video named "Raise The Roof!" from AI about lobbying
Congress and Legislatures. It can be done and is not that hard. I'll also
give a report on the Denver Regional AI meeting. Lots of useful information.
We should decide on whether to adopt a new Prisoner of Conscience, work on
CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against
Women), Blood Diamonds, etc. Lots of things to do.

I'll need RSVPs from those intending to attend. Please let me know so we can
decide on holding the meeting.

On December 18th we have a room reserved. In January I"m intending to change
the meeting to the 4th Thursday of every other month. Please let me know if
that works.

Mr G. 480-990-1769 Scottsdale, Arizona USA

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